Quick Answer: Do I Need Public Liability Insurance To Sell At Craft Fairs?

Do you need insurance to sell handmade items?

As a crafter, public liability insurance should be at the top of your list if you’re selling your goods at a craft fair.

This means that you’re covered should your products cause injury or damage to one of your customers, and they’ve made a claim..

What insurance do I need to sell sweets?

If you’re having people collect their sweets packages from your home or an office, it may also make sense to get public liability insurance. This covers any legal or compensation claims if a member of the public is injured or their property is damaged and the fault lies with your business.

Do you need insurance for a hobby?

It is a common assumption that insurance is unnecessary for a hobby farm if it is simply a hobby and doesn’t generate income. … The amount and type of cover that you need will depend on your farming activities. Some hobby farms may be covered under a homeowner’s insurance policy, but this is not always the case.

Do I need insurance to sell crafts online?

Be aware that your home insurance will not cover your online business! … Public liability insurance for craft fairs covers those unexpected incidents that you could be liable for. Additionally, many organisers will require you to be covered for these events should you be interested in selling or exhibiting at them.

Do you need public liability insurance to sell on Etsy?

In a word: no. Etsy doesn’t require you to have insurance to sell on their website.

Who needs public liability insurance?

Businesses that involve working in public places or private homes such as plumbers, electricians and building contractors should also consider a policy. If there is any chance a member of the public could be injured or have their property damaged while you are working, then you should have public liability insurance.

Do I need public liability insurance to sell candles?

Please be aware that you will require Public Liability Indemnity Insurance, this is to protect you against a claim should a member of the public become injured as a result of your negligence.

Do crafters need insurance?

Despite the relatively low turnover, many small businesses, including craftworkers and artists, nevertheless require standard business insurance cover, such as public liability insurance, employers liability insurance and potentially product liability insurance as well.

What happens if you have no public liability insurance?

If someone sues your business and you don’t have public liability insurance, you’ll have to pay for a solicitor yourself. If the claim against you is successful, you might have to pay a hefty settlement – and you might even have to cover the legal fees for the person suing you.

How much does craft insurance cost?

Everything you make is one-of-a-kind, and your insurance will be too. For some makers, craft insurance can start at just £127.61 a year*. It can vary depending on size of your business and the level of cover you need.

What insurance do I need for wax melts?

Our policy has been tailored to suit candle makers, with care being taken regarding the use of naked flames around your products. Our policy covers the two main types of insurance that you’re most likely to need – Public Liability Insurance and Product Liability Insurance.

How much should I sell my homemade candles for?

Depending on the size of the jar and the cost of goods, you can typically price each candle between $10 and $25. Glass jars can break during shipping – so be sure to include special fragile packaging into your shipping costs to ensure the business remains profitable.