Do I Really Need To Replace My Sewer Line?

How often should a sewer line be cleaned?

As a solid preventative measure, sewer lines should be cleaned once every eighteen to twenty-two months.

If your home has been experiencing frequent problems with your sewer lines, it is recommended that you contact a plumber and schedule a video inspection..

Are sewer lines covered by home insurance?

When it comes to your sewer line, there are not many things your homeowners insurance will actually cover. If the part of the line which is on your property is damaged by something sudden and unexpected, it’s usually covered.

How much does it cost to replace a main line?

The average price homeowners pay for sewer line repair is $2,556. You can expect to spend between $1,073 and $4,054, depending on the kind of damage. Homeowners who get a full replacement spend around $3,000-$25,000.

What does a broken sewer line smell like?

3. Foul Smells and Odd Sounds. If your sewer line is damaged, you can also expect to smell some unappealing odors. The scent of sewage wafting through your home may point to an issue with your sewer line.

Why does it smell like sewage in my house?

There are several potential reasons your bathroom smells like a sewer. Some of the most common include an improperly installed or cut vent pipe, a broken or loose seal or a damaged toilet.

How many years does a sewer line last?

50-100 yearsA sewer line should last a lifetime – normal sewer line life is 50-100 years. Sewer line integrity depends on how the pipe was originally installed, what’s happened to the ground over time, and what surrounds the sewer.

How do I know if my sewer line needs to be replaced?

If there is a problem with your main sewer line, here are warning signs to watch out for:Sewage backup and blockages. … Foul odors. … Mold. … Slow drains. … Lush patches of grass. … Lawn indentations. … Foundation cracks. … Pools of septic waste.More items…•

How often do sewer lines fail?

Sewer Line Lifespans You cannot expect your sewer lines to last forever. That doesn’t mean there is a definite day you can expect your sewer lines to fail either. Your sewer lines will fail when they fail, although that generally falls within these timelines. Cast iron pipes tend to last about 75-100 years.

What is the average cost to repair a sewer line?

The sewer line repair cost varies from $4,000 to $25,000. On average, expect to pay $92 to $238 per foot as a sewer line replacement cost. Traditional replacement methods average a cost of $7,500. Trenchless methods range between $6,000 and $12,000.